Autumn’s Long Shadow


Here we are again, from summer heat to autumn cool seemingly in the blink of an eye.

As I sit here typing this, a typhoon is gusting ominously outside my office window, the morning heat having quickly given way to chilly wind and rain. The typhoon of course will pass, but with the peak summer heat now weeks behind us, autumn will soon be here to stay.


In Kamikochi, it’s cooler still.  September 2017 recorded highs of 21.1 degrees Celsius and lows of just 1.6 with daily average highs and lows of 17.5 and 8.4, respectively.  If nothing else, some wardrobe changes will be in order.  As the dedicated and knowledgeable bloggers at NPG point out, a windbreaker over a light shirt will no longer suffice for those cold mornings.  You’ll want to add a fleece, light gloves, a hat, and full length trousers to stay warm.

Here’s a rough guide from our former site:


Apart from the obvious points about dressing appropriately for cooler weather and higher altitudes, it is of course wise to monitor the weather closely and always be ready for rain.

Along with the cooler weather and cleaner air, Kamikochi’s most popular autumn attraction will arrive in October in the form of colorful foliage (earlier at higher elevations).  We’ll be tracking the progress of this vibrant season in the coming weeks, so keep checking our blog for updates!

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