Azaleas Brighten Early Days of June

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If like me you’re still struggling to wrap your head’s around the fact that we’re almost a quarter of the way through the 21st century, you might also wonder at the realization that we’re almost halfway through 2024. June is here, along with some cloudy days and the looming prospect of the rainy season.

Luckily, every time of year in Kamikochi has its own unique charm and Kamikochi’s population of Japanese azaleas have shown up on cue to have their say in the matter.

The blossoms in the above picture where spotted along the path from Taisho Pond to the Kamikochi Bus Terminal. Thanks to Five Sense blogger Sakura for sharing these images in a post from earlier this week.

As Sakura explains, Kamikochi’s azalea usually hit full bloom around mid-June. Given the number of plants already visible, it seems that we’ll be able to enjoy them for a little while yet.

As for where to find these beauties, one popular spot is Tashiro Marsh, which is about twenty minutes up the path from Taisho Pond, en route to central Kamikochi.

You should also have no trouble finding them at Dakesawa wetlands, as the below photo shows. Based on this evidence, azaleas would appear to flourish in marshy areas.

That just about concludes this week’s entry. We’ll be back with more up to date posts as the summer season slowly unfolds.

Till next time, be well and have a great weekend!

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