Flowers, Birds, and Macaques

Oh my! It’s mid-June already. The Japan Meterological Agency has confirmed that the rainy season is now underway and indeed, there have been a few spells of heavy rain over the past ten days.

But let’s not forget that the same rain that darkens the skies and dampens our spirits also nourishes life. This is especially true of the seasonal flowers which bloom in Kamikochi during the early days of June. Here we see some false lillies of the valley, though the Japanese name, maizurusou (舞鶴草, “or dancing crane plant”) is an altogether more dignified name for them:

Similarly, the fragraria nipponica enjoys the appelation of shirobana hebi ichigo in Japanese (白花蛇イチゴ, or “white flower snake strawberry”), which makes up for in color what it lacks in clarity.

The usual menagerie of avian species are also back in force for summer. These include the Japanese bush warbler:

As well as the Narcissus flycatcher:

And of course, the great spotted woodpecker:

Last, we have the most notorious of all the park’s inhabitants. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the simian scallywags, the primate pickaroons, the furry footpads of Kamikochi: the inimitable Japanese macaque. Though harmless if left alone and treated with respect, these monkeys can turn ill-tempered if approached or provoked. They’ve also been known to steal food from unwary travellers, so keep those snadwiches close to your chest.

They sure are cute, though…

And with that, we conclude this week’s look at the flora and fauna of Kamikochi in June. Thanks to Five Sense blogger Ume for posting the piece on which this one was based.

Just a quick reminder that the weather is often rainy in Kamikochi these days, so prosepctive visitors are well advised to pack rain resistant wear along with sturdy footwear for the journey.

That’s all for now. Be well and stay dry!

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