Fresh Greens and Where to Find Them

A hearty hello to all of our loyal readers around the world! As I write, the idyllic alpine getaway that is Kamikochi is busily transforming itself from a late winter setting to something much more recognizable as spring.

Along with all the seasonal flowers that we can see around the park at this time, the luminous, greener-than-green hues of new leaves present a strong visual hallmark of the season.

Following the example of Five Sense blogger, Jun, we’ll be introducing some of the best locales for viewing what the Japanese call 新録 (shinroku, or “new greens”).

We begin our journey along the Azusa River at a spot very near Kappa Bridge. Here we see a grand old chosenia tree, swaying in the gentle breeze and framed by a pristine alpin background.

A little further upriver, we find an abundance of larches. These same trees are celebrated for their mellow yellow hues, which reach their peak in Late October and early November, just after the maple leaves have started to thin out. For the moment, though, these larches are joining the procession of spring greens.

It’s not just the trees lining the river and footpaths of Kamikchi wich are displaying bold greens. You’ll also want to direct your gaze at the mountainships which have become picturesque mosaics in their own right:

Turning our gaze to Tokusawa, we can see spring greenery sharing the stage with the season’s most iconic flower, anemone blossoms. Nothing says spring quite like green green grass dotted with tiny white flowers.

We conclude our journey in Tashiro Marsh. Looking at this seen, you can practically smell the fresh spring air blowing through the trees and lifting the spirits.

A here we conclude our look at wonders of late spring in Kamikochi. In case you are wondering what to wear, please bear in mind that there will still be a few chilly days ahead of us. Average daytime highs hover around 13 degrees Celsius, so be sure to prepare accordingly. A light jacket and a hat to protect your head from potnetially dangerous UV rays are recommended.

Thanks as always to the good folks at Five Sense for maintaining excellent coverage of Kamikochi week after week, without which we would find it much harder to produce up to date content for you.

Till next time, stay safe and enjoy the spring weather!

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