Golden Larches and Where to Find Them

A hearty hello to all of our loyal readers far and wide!

Kamikochi’s 2023 season may be more than 9/10ths done, but as usual we’re going out with a bang. Like the final brilliant flourish that climaxes a fireworks display, Kamikochi’s larches have exploded with color.

Right on cue, Five Sense guide and blogger Yuushi has posted a helpful piece on how to get the most out of the autumn’s last curtain call.

If you find youself in Kamikochi in the next few days, you’ll definitely want to take in the foliage. The first bit of good news is that many of the prime sports are only a short walk away from the Kamikochi Bus Terminal.

So let’s go through the main spots on the recommended course in order.

The above picture shows the view from near Tashiro Bridge (located south of Kappa Bridge, looking toward the Bus Terminal. Viewing the larches along the river from a distance, as seen here, offers a pleasing, panoramic perspective.

For a different but equally appealing perspective, talk a walk along the path between the Azusa River on your left and the forest of larch trees on your right.

Whilst walking from the Bus Terminal toward Kappa Bridge, you can go off the beaten path a bit and walk straight through a forest of larches, affording views like the one above. Lovely.

Next, walk about ten minutes upriver from Kappa Bridge toward the Konashidaira Camping Area, where you can enjoy some similar views.

By and by, you can also take in this evocative view of Mt. Roppyaku-san framed with golden foliage. As I write, the trees are shedding their golden quills more and more by the day, so this view will not be with us much longer.

And with that, we conclude this week’s blog. Thanks as always to Yuushi and all the otehr fine folks at Five Sense for providing such excellent coverage of Kamikochi’s autumn, year after year.

Till next time, be well and stay warm.

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