Images of the First Few Days in Kamikochi

Early bird visitors on hand for the opening of Kamikochi on the 17th.

Update: Sources in Kamikochi report that the luggage room at the Bus Terminal is now up and running.

Advisory: Though conditions are subject to rapid change, the path linking Taisho Pond and Tashiro Bridge as well as one of the paths linking Kappa Bridge and the Myojin area may be closed due to snow.

Kamikochi opened to public transportation right on schedule on April 17th. So again, we’ve set our phasers to “pillage” and borrowed a bunch of images from the Nature Guide Five Sense website to include in this post. Thanks to bloggers Ume and Sakura for all of your excellent updates on Kamikochi.

Park personnel noted a greater than usual number of foreign visitors on opening day this year, some of whom (to their great surprise) were wearing shorts. Please be advised that, while daytime temperatures can climb to 11 degrees Celsius, we expect more chilly weather this spring season, especially in the morning and overnight.

Nohi and Alpico bus lines serve Takayama and Matsumoto, respectively.

We’ll have much more to say bout the 2019 spring season once it gets of the ground in earnest on the 27th. Till then, we’ll let these wonderful images from the Five Sense blog speak for themselves (with brief annotations):

A still very snowy Mount Yake as seen from Konashidaira.


Vegetation poking through the snow as winter slowly give way to spring.

While there are fewer birds now than later in the spring, the lack of leaves on the branches makes them easier to see. This red-flanked bluetail looks right at home.

Here we see a Eurasian wren.

Patches of snow still remain in central Kamikochi…

…but that hasn’t deterred some visitors from setting up their tents at the Konashidaira Camping Area (brrrrrrr!)

That’s all for today’s update. Since we owe you an extra one from last week, I’ll tray to get another one up before Friday.

Have a great week! We hope to see you here soon.

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