Karamatsu Reach Their Golden Peak

Hello to all of our readers around the world!

It’s already November 3rd, which means that the end of the highly unusual 2020 season is only twelve days away. On the bright side, the autumn foliage has been as glorious as ever. With the peak period for maple trees now past, the Japanese larch (karamatsu) trees have taken center stage. The needles on their boughs are now showing peak autumn colors, a warm yellow prettily accented by sunlight.

Temperature-wise, it continues to get colder as winter nears. Morning temperatures now regularly dip below freezing with daytime highs hovering around 6 degrees Celsius. You’ll definitely want to stay warm and dry, so prepare winter-suitable clothing.

Thanks as always to the folks at the Five Sense Kamikochi blog for providing up to date info and images from the autumn season. We’ll be back with further updates as the season draws to a close.

And to everyone out there, we hope you stay safe and warm this autumn.

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