Looking ahead to Spring, with Just One Month Till Opening


Good day to all of our readers around the world. We hope that you are keeping warm and safe in the midst of the unprecedented global crisis that is the coronavirus outbreak.

At time of writing, the outbreak appears to have stabilized in Japan. While new cases continue to be reported across the country, we are not currently seeing the explosion of new infections happening elsewhere in the world.

In our last news update,  we revealed that Kamikochi’s 2020 spring opening will be happening as scheduled, albeit without the Kaizan-sai opening ceremony on April 27th. Despite the cancellation of this popular event, buses will be running from April 17th as in past years, and hotels, lodges, and other accommodations are expected to operate as normal following the park’s official opening on April 27th.

So what can we expect from spring 2020? Whether you’re new to Kamikochi, in need of a quick refresher, or just fancy a bit of light reading to help ease the long hours spent indoors, we have the answers.

1. Snow-capped Mountain Scenery

While you can often see traces of snow in the mountains until mid-summer, spring really is the best time to see them in all their glory. Viewing the Hotaka range and other iconic peaks from various angles is one of Kamikochi’s primes attractions on a sunny spring day.

2. Birdwatching

A Eurasian nuthatch, unobstructed by leaves.


With many trees having shed their leaves back in the autumn, Kamikochi’s bird population is a lot easier to spot in the early spring. If you’re a birdwatcher, keep an eye out for species that you can’t see in your home country.

3. The First Anenomes


In early spring, you can spot the first traces of these wildflowers that, over time, will bloom into thick patches of blossoms, blanketing whole areas in white.

4. Spring Strolls


While conditions differ from year to year, early visitors to Kamikochi can generally enjoy strolls along the paths in the central area of the park. Paths linking Tashiro Bridge and Kappa Bridge as well as those linking the latter to Myojin Pond have usually been cleared by show plows by the time Kamikochi opens to the public. Other trails further afield may remain snowy until Golden Week, so it’s important to check updates, like the ones we post here.

That’s all for this week’s post. Thanks as always to the award winning bloggers at Five Sense for providing the info and images used here.

We’ll be back with further updates as our blog resumes regular activity in the coming month. In the meanwhile, stay positive and stay safe!

Source of Information

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