Maples Nearing Late October Peak

A hearty hello to all of our loyal readers far and wide!

This weekend mini-blog aims to make up for its brevity with a few vivid images from around Kamikochi, which we hope give you a good idea of where things stand now.

On Friday, Five Sense guide and blogger, Sakura, posted these images of a number of trees and plants from around central Kamikochi under the headline, “Maples at 60% peak colors in some locations!”

And so they are! Since pictures convey so much more than even the purplest prose, see for yourself:

The above picture is of a katsura, or Cercidiphyllum japonicum. It’s also sometimes called a “caramel tree” in reference to the rich, sweet aroma it exudes. This one is showing strong hints of autumn yellow.

Various species of maple located near the river often start to turn red early due to the cooler temperatures. Just look at this gradient of fiery red and bright orange.

Here we see the Dakesawa Marsh, just a 15 minute walk from the Kamikochi Bus Terminal.

And it’s not just trees that change color. These Japanese Azaleas have also joined the chat.

Well, that was a whirlwind tour of the autumn colors as they looked on an unusually auspiscious Friday the 13th. I case you were wondering, machete-wielding goons in hockey masks are a rarity in these parts, but black bears can be a concern, so be sure to attach a small bell to your pack, especially if you are hiking alone.

Thats all for now, Thanks to Sakura for posting these wonderful pics. You’re a star.

Till next time, stay warm and hike safe.

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