Recent Photos and Key Dates

Make no mistake folks, today’s post will give you exactly what it says on the tin: recent photos and key dates (along with a few random pointers).

While foraging around on the internet this morning, I discovered a recent blog post from the always wonderful National Park Guide website which I have decided to share with our readers.

Just to be clear, these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago.  They do, however, offer a good impression of what there is to enjoy in the early spring season at Kamikochi: snow-capped mountains framed by clear skies and a bracing beauty unique to this time of year.

Visitors who take the time to visit the Taisho Pond area will be treated to views like this one: the peaks of the Hotaka Range mirrored in the water.

Lately, we’ve been receiving a lot of letters about what courses will be accessible from the early opening date of April 17th.  According to the NPG website, available routes will open up gradually as the snow melts or is cleared away.  At the moment, you may find yourself encountering conditions like this:

As you can see, there’s still snow on some walking paths meaning that anyone wishing to venture beyond the Kappa Bridge area should be sure to have proper hiking boots on.  Sneakers will get wet and will likely fail to provide adequate footing.  You may also experience quite cold weather.  Preparing jackets, hats and gloves suitable for winter conditions is not overkill in this case; it’s just good sense.  Dress smart and stay warm!

That’s not to say there aren’t a few harbingers of spring on the wing:

This bush warbler is one of many species of birds you can see around the park at the moment.


Now let’s move on to some important info about what will and will not be open when April 17th comes around.  As mentioned in previous posts, buses and taxis will be up and running to take you through the Kama Tunnel and into Kamikochi.  But hotels and other forms of lodging will be opening gradually in the lead up to the official opening on the 27th.

Here’s a list of businesses and services affiliated with the Gosenjaku Group along with their opening dates:

Open from April 17th
Gosenjaku Lodge 、Kappa Restaurant、Kamikochi Gift Shop、Cafeteria Trois Cinq (cake, light snacks, gifts)

Open from April 22nd
Gosenjaku Hotel, 5 Horn Cafe

Open from April 23rd
Main Dining: The Gosenjaku (lunch)

So you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding something to snack on during an early visit to Kamikochi.  Spending the night is a trickier proposition, but some establishments are open.

Once again, we’d like to extend a big thanks to the hard-working men and women at NPG for posting this information.  The revamped site looks great, by the way!

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