Shutter Chance: Kamikochi’s most Photogenic Spots

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It’s been a long, hot summer here in Japan and (apart from the odd typhon) autumn hasn’t really started to assert itself yet.

Of course, visitors to Kamikochi would have found the temperature pleasingly cool even in August. The autumn foliage may be weeks away, but there’s a definite whiff of the golden season in the air.

For this week’s blog, we’ll again be borrowing from a familiar source. You guessed it: the Five Sense Kamikochi Blog. Intrepid guide and blogger Hasshi- has posted a wonderful piece listing some of Kamikochi’s top photo spots. Since pictures speak for themselves, let’s jump right into this week’s feature.

The Shimizu River Left Bank Path to Myojin

There’s something undeniably dreamlike about the way that mist swirls up from the surface of the water along this path. It soothes the spirit and makes for a cracking photo. This phenomenon arises from the large volume of hot spring water passing through the Shimizu River.

Konashidaira Riverside

From the popular Konashidaira Camping Area, you can enjoy this striking view of the Hoataka Mountain Range, which includes Okuhotaka-dake, the third tallest mountain in Japan.

Mt. Myoujin as Seen from The Azusa River’s Left Bank

Whilst walking along the Azusa River en route to Myoujin you can see the eponymous peak in all it’s looming grandure.

The Azusa River Right Bank Path to Myoujin

Stunning views of Myoujin Pond are among the perks of choosing this path. Shutterbugs take note.

Mountain Views from Dakesawa Marsh

Behold, nature’s majesty served up Dakesawa-style!

Kappa Bridge

A sight familiar to anyone who has taken the time to turn their gaze 180 degrees from the more famous view of the Hotaka Peaks. Looking downriver, we see the redoubtable slopes of Mt. Yake, occasionally puffing away like a magic dragon.

A Weston-eye View

If the kindly eyes of Walter Weston etched into the relief that bears his name could actually see, they’d be treated to this view every moment of every day. Not bad at all, really.

Tashiro Pond

Proceeding along the Taisho Course, about 45 minutes from the Weston Relief, you will pass by Tashiro Pond. The iron-rich waters have a striking red hue that makes them an ideal subject for a picture.

Dakesawa Day-Hike

The Dakesawa Hut may be reached by a two and a half hour hike from Kappa Bridge. Once at the hut, prepare to be dazzled by alpine scenery glimpsed from on high.

And for an extra special treat, be sure to take in the view from the Dakesawa Hut’s terrace. Add a frosty beer to the mix and you’ll be in Seventh Heaven.

And with that, we conclude our (by no means complete) list of scenic vantage points in Kamikochi whether you’re snapping shots with your trusty smartphone or a professional camera, you’re sure to capture some treasured images.

Thanks as always to the folks at Five Sense for producting top notch content on their blog every week. It’s both an inspriation and a limitless source of content. You guys are the best!

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