Snapshots from Day 1

A hearty hello to all of our loyal readers far and wide!

We’re here today with an end of week mini-blog to share some images from the hours after Kamikochi opened to the public last Wednesday. These were originally posted by Five Sense‘s interpid guide and blogger Yuushi on opening day.

What we see here is a park largely accesible to visitors with stout hearts and appropriate footwear, the paths now almost entirely clear of snow.

The ever photgenic Yake-Dake sits resplendently under blue skies, still sporting some of the finery of winter:

And Tashiro Marsh looks quite welcoming, if a bit muddy:

Though we don’t have a picture to share, Taisho Pond is also said to be accesible now, with snowy patches along the paths making for occasionally tricky footing.

In fact, sure-footed hikers are unlikely to have any trouble with paths in and around central Kamikochi (including Taisho Pond and the Myojin area). Just make sure to watch your step while traversing snow to avoid slipping and falling.

And with that, we conclude our brief look at the first day of Kamikochi’s seven month long 2024 season. If you didn’t make it out this week, you still have plenty of time.

Thanks as always to the fine folks at Five Sense for sharing the images and info used to creat today’s blog. And to all of our readers, have a fantastic weekend!

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