Snapshots of the Silver Season

Hello to all of our readers around the world. We hope that you are keeping warm and safe this winter.

As I write, Nagano Prefecture is slowly creeping out of the grasp of winter. A spell of cold weather in January has now subsided and there’s a hint of spring like warmth in the air some days. Talk of widespread immunizations in the spring is now bolstering hopes for the 2021 spring season, though at the moment, nothing is certain.

Since there hasn’t been much new to report lately, we’ll instead be sharing some pictures from Ume’s recent blog on the always dependable Five Sense homepage. He ventured into the park about a week ago and snapped the pictures seen in today’s post.

At 1,200m elevation, the park is still very cold and wintery. The sense of tranquility is palpable especially in the calm waters of the Azusa River.

We’ll be posting updates about the 2021 season as they become available so by all means check back for more off-season blogs in February and March.

Till next time!

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