The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Hello to all of our loyal readers around the world. By now, many of you will have seen our post from this past Friday detailing the delayed opening dates for many hotels  and other accommodations around Kamikochi.

Although Nagano Prefecture was not included among the prefectures placed under a state of emergency in central Japan last week, the situation regarding the current crisis continues to evolve. In truth, it’s hard to say when things will really be back to normal.

Many of our readers have no doubt been living amid circumstances of isolation, quarantines, and outright lockdowns for some time now.  Our thoughts go out to you at this difficult time. Priority one at the moment is to get through the current crisis with as few casualties as possible. And with that, we also offer these words of encouragement to the many people who won’t be able to visit this year due to travel restrictions: the mountains, woods, and rivers will always be here waiting for you. Take care or yourselves and those close to you and we’re sure to see you here soon enough. If not this year, then next year.

The current projected opening dates for most businesses and services in the area range from April 30th to May 7th, (immediately before and after Golden Week holiday, respectively). If that is the case, the season will be underway within the month.

Till then, or whenever things are back to normal, we urge you stay stay safe and not to take any unnecessary chances.

And thanks as always to the fine folks at Five Sense for the use of their photos and up to date info.

Be well!

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