Under a Great Canopy of Stars

A hearty hello to all of our readers near and far!

Since we last posted on this blog, the first heatwave of June gave way to cooler, wetter conditions before reverting to warm weather again. Rain or shine, Kamikochi is a lovely place to spend a summer day…and ideally a summer night as well.

This week’s post will be shorter than usual as there isn’t much new to report. But we’d like to take some time to introduce some recent pictures of Kamikochi nights, which originally appeared in the always inspired Five Sense blog.

The first thing you should know about star-gazing in Kamikochi is that it will always be better than anywhere in or around a city due to the low levels of light pollution. The second thing you should no is that even far from cities, you will have a better experience on nights with less natural moon light.

On nights when the moonlight less bright, you can clearly make out the Milky Way in the eastern part of the night sky.

Whether you’re having a solitary moment or have friends or loved ones by your side, there’s no denying that taking in the stars is the perfect nightcap to a day in the park.

That’s all for now, folks. We’ll be back next week with more sights and sound of summer, 2022. Till then, be safe and keep cool.

Source of Information:

Nature Guide Five Sense, Kamikochi blog: https://fivesense.guide/blog/today/87014/