We’re Halfway There

A hearty hello to all of our readers around the world on this chilly winter day. It’s now been about two and a half months since Kamikochi closed the door on a very strange 2020 season while casting a hopeful glance up the calendar to April 2021.

The world is still in the grip of a global pandemic, but with mass vaccinations planned for the coming months, it is possible that Kamikochi will open on the traditional April date. Whether or not Japan’s borders will be open to international visitors by then is another issue. While we can’t promise an April 17th opening at this time, we can share some recent pictures from inside the park. Five Sense blogger Ume snapped these pics a couple of weeks ago.

As is always the case in winter, Kamikochi is now devoid of people and blanketed in snow. There’s an unearthly calm about the place, with only sparse sounds of wildlife breaking the silence.

Turning to the familiar sight of Kappa Bridge, we can see noticeably more snow than there was at the closing ceremony in November:

We’re not sure what April will bring for Kamikochi. With a bit of luck, however, we may to be able to greet the spring season in April. Failing that we’ll get there when we get there.

Till the, stay warm and safe!

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