While You Were Away…


The Hotaka peaks reflected in a chilly looking Taisho Pond (photo: Ume)


A hearty hello to all of our loyal readers! It’s been over a month since we last posted a new blog, but today we’re breaking the silence with a long-overdue look at winter scenery from inside Kamikochi.

The pictures we’re sharing here are from the Five Sense Kamikochi blog. They appeared in an article posted earlier this month by blogger Sakura with photos taken by her colleague, Ume.

Fresh snowfall on Mt. Yake (photo: Ume)


These pictures, from February 4th give some indication of current conditions. Despite the current winter season having been warm and short on snowfall, there’s enough snow on the paths that you’d quickly sink if you removed your snowshoes:

50cm of snow on a footpath, 2020,02,04 (photo: Ume)


There are next to no humans around at this time of year, so Kamikochi’s macaque population has the run of the place:


As further testament to the dearth of two-legged visitors, the normally bustling Kappa Bridge area is now a picture of perfect calm:


We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at current conditions in Kamikochi. We’ll be back in the (hopefully) near future with updates on the coming 2020 spring season.

Take care and keep warm.

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