Sightseeing in Kamikochi

Weather and Temperature of Kamikochi

Kamikochi is a slender basin situated at 1500 meters above sea level, with a temperature 5 to 10°C lower than Matsumoto city (600 meters above sea level). The lowest temperature in early spring and late autumn sometimes falls below the freezing point. It is recommended to prepare winter clothes for snowy weather in mid-October to early May. And it is also vital have a jacket ready for summertime hiking, since temperatures sometimes fall below 10°C. Don’t forget to bring rain gear as mountain weather can change dramatically in a short time.

Clothes for Kamikochi Hiking

Short Stay

To enjoy hiking, comfortable walking shoes (trekking shoes or sneakers) and outfits are recommended. If you plan on doing any hiking higher up in the mountains, be sure to have proper hiking boots with ankle support. Many trails are unpaved in Chubusangaku National Park including Kamikochi. It is best to pack extra clothes even in the summer time to prepare for the changeable mountain weather.

Long Stay

The temperature changes significantly within a day in Kamikochi. Don’t forget to prepare warmer clothes such as thermals and fleeces and rain gear (jacket and pants, rather than less reliable ponchos) for the sudden climate change.